Flower Tribe’s Essentials for Indulgence Stash Box


Flower Tribe’s Signature Wooden Stash Box & Essentials for Indulgence Bundle

Our Signature Smoking box bundle contains a curated selection of premium smoking accessories that are essential for indulgence. The quality products you will find in our Signature Smoking box have been carefully handpicked for sophisticated cannabis enthusiasts like yourself, who are looking to derive the many holistic benefits associated with this precious gift from nature.

Signature Bamboo Stash Box – $30 Value
Crafted from solid wood with a high gloss lacquer finish, this handsome box will safely store, organize and protect your stash and indulgence essentials conveniently in one place. The top can be flipped over to double as a convenient rolling tray. This beautiful box with an attractive Flower Tribe seal on top can be displayed on your coffee table or put away to indulge later.

Smell Proof Bag – $10 Value
Our compact smell-proof zippered bag is a must-have! With the bag’s high absorption and odorless technology, you can’t go wrong with this compact case. Bag has a premium activated carbon lining for a smell proof pouch which allows you to store your herb and bring it discreetly along while keeping it fresh. Dimensions are 7” x 6”.

RAW Pre-Rolled Cones – $2 Value
RAW Classic 1¼ Cones are unquestionably the best way to roll. RAW Cones are faster and far easier to use than conventional rolling paper. But– best of all, they are made from all-natural unbleached paper with no added dyes or chalk. No GMOs, No Ash Whiteners, No harsh Burn Additives, Chlorine free, Gluten free and Vegan friendly! For a pure and natural smoking experience. Raw Cones are a superior product which is manufactured by an ethical company that cares about the earth we live on.

Pipe Tool – $5 Value
A quality, folding pipe tool is included to help make the most of every bowl. This convenient 3 in 1 tool comes with a tamper, pick and scoop. Helps to pack, aerate, empty and clean your pipe with ease. Use the tamper for tamping down herb when packing a bowl. Use the pick to clear the shank, aerate tightly packed herb and crush down ash to make relighting easier. Use the scoop to make cleaning your pipe a breeze. Conveniently, folds up small enough to carry in your pocket when you are on the go. Can be used with pipes, hookahs and shishas.

FlicWic Hemp Wick Dispenser – $15 Value
Patented Flic Wic for Mini Bic lighter with spool. This high-quality Flick Wick conveniently stores your hemp wick and lighter together. It eliminates the need to juggle a lighter, wick and pipe around when lighting up. And best of all, no more scorched thumbs! When you’re done lighting up, Flic Wic safely extinguishes the wick and stores it away for next time. Each spool provides over an hour of flame and lights even when it is wet.

CONE ARTIST! Cone Roller – $7 Value
Have you ever wondered how to roll the perfect joint every time. It’s simple–use Cone Artist! This unique joint roller will make you a pro in no time. Cone Artist is an all in one Cone roller, filler and stuffer. 1. place your paper around the tube to form a perfect cone, 2. remove the cone from the tube, 3. fill the funnel and tap the contents into the cone, 4. pack full cone with the end of the tube, 5. seal the end and your good to go! It’s that simple.

Flower-Tribe Herb Grinder – $20 Value

Glass Pipe – $20 Value

Total Value: $109.00


Smoking Accessories Included


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